Massage Tips


Massage works in harmony with skincare products and enhance their action:

  • it stimulates microcirculation, helps the active ingredients to diffuse through the skin and improves tissue drainage
  • it relaxes muscles and releases tensions, bringing an overall feeling of well-being

By using the right products accompanied by a quick massage every day, your skin can be deliciously beautiful again!

For a firm body and soft skin

body soft skinMassage the Milk Concentrate or Supple Skin Oil all over the body with circular movements. Begin with the legs, working up from the ankles towards the thighs, then massage the stomach and buttocks. It's important that you always massage in an upward direction. Finish with the arms, this time working downward – from the shoulders towards the wrists.

Results: the skin is firmer and more elastic; it recovers its comfort and suppleness.

Tip: to further enhance the action of the Almond products, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with the Delicious Paste.

For a redefined bust

For a redefined bustImprove your posture by rolling shoulders back and straightening your spine. To tone your bust, massage the Bust Gel over the skin with gentle, circular movements.
Begin at the outside of the breast, working inward, then from the base of the breast up to the chin, not forgetting the neck. Proceed in the same way for the other breast.

Results: breasts are firmer and better toned; your skin is moisturised*, soft and smooth.

Tip: before applying the Bust Gel, use the shower head to spray cold water over your chest to tone tissues. Dry the skin and then apply the product.

A firm stomach

A firm stomachApply the Delicious Tummy by gently massaging the abdominal area (stomach, waist,hips), clockwise motions morning and evening, until it has been completely absorbed into the skin.

Results: the skin is tighter, softer and smooth. The abdominal area will be redefined, the stomach will appear slimmer.

Tip: for a more slender waist, place your hands on your waist and massage with a sideways motion, working back and forward between the sides of the waist and the navel.

Reshaped buttocks and thighs

Reshaped buttocks and thighsApply the Delightful Shape to one thigh with circular movements, working up from the knee towards the hip. Massage the inside of the thigh, then the outside, finishing with the back of the thigh, working up to the buttock. Proceed in the same way with the other leg.

Results: the skin is firmer, better toned; cellulite is smoothed.

Tip: for best results, perform this massage every day using the Slimming Massager.