Peony is since Ancient Greece a very popular and worshipped flower. It is considered as a charm of luck and feminine beauty. Peony originates from the Mediterranean region (Greece, Italy, France, Spain...) from where is a legend about a beautiful nymph, Peonia, loved by ancient gods. Not to threaten jealous goddess by her beauty, Peonia was transformed into a flower with a thousand petals - the peony. Ever since then, this symbol of beauty and femininity has brightened every spring with its dazzling show of colours and scents.


To understand the secrets of this flower, L'OCCITANE approached a French nurseryman of international renowned - Jean-Luc Rivière - a man with a passion for peonies. His family has devoted itself to breeding and cultivating them in Drôme region in South France for 160 years.


Did you know ... ?


- The peony reveals its beauty to whom deserves it... In a nursery, from the planting to the blossoming of the first flower, it can pass 5 or 7 years !

- Until 60 flowers can blossom from a single peony. The most generous flowers can have a 30 cm diameter !