Honey Harvest

A True Story


In ancient times, honey was considered as food for the sages, and Provencale beekeepers still believe it to be so. Honey is one of the very few ingredients whose production is 100% exclusive to nature. It is universally recognized as healthy, rich and gentle. Furthermore, by virtue of its range of colors and textures, honey is a marvelous ingredient that provides immense pleasure in all its variations. It is a unique ingredient that makes products perfectly suited to sensitive skin and for use by the whole family.

L’OCCITANE has developed a honey blend composed of propolis, honey and royal jelly. Propolis is a resinous substance produced by bees to reinforce their hive. It has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey comes in different consistencies, both liquid and solid. It has mosturizing*, softening and stimulating properties. Royal jelly is made by nurse bees. It is the only food queen bees eat, and queens live fifty times longer than other bees. Royal jelly has nourishing and energizing properties.

Like his father before him, André Nevière is a passionate beekeeper. With the arrival of honey harvest time in Provence, I decided I wanted to be there to share the first day with him. André keeps his hives in a clearing in the lavender fields above Manosque. They all face east to encourage the bees to gather nectar and pollen with the morning sun. First, André smokes out the bees and withdraws the racks, whose cells are laden with golden honey and sealed with beeswax. In one quick motion he scoops out some fresh royal jelly from the queen’s cell. As I taste this precious nectar, he tells me how rich in proteins and vitamins it is. As the day continues we talk about the way honey was used in ancient Greece and Rome, and the qualities of the new harvest that will be used to make L’OCCITANE products.

Olivier Baussan