Catalogue - Holiday 2012 - A Christmas tale

A Christmas tale

The story begins on December 23rd. The Fragrance Merchant is due to meet his peers at the foot of a thousand-yearold tree. Guided by a silvery light, he makes it quickly to the clearing. When he sees the sparkling foliage, his magic wand slips out of his hand and gently lodges in the whitened trunk of the Great Olive Tree. The old tree barely quivers before becoming covered with an abundance of young green shoots and garlands of pink flowers. By some kind of magic, nature starts to breathe life again. As if under a spell, the fragrant forest announces the birth of two new sparkling, fragrant accords: Marvellous Flowers and Magical Leaves. This Christmas, L’OCCITANE has decided to leave you utterly bewitched...

As you browse these pages, follow the trail of the Fragrance Merchant as he leads you into a fairytale world.

Captivating collections will take your breath away: Pivoine Flora, Cherry Blossom, Immortelle, L’Occitan, Lavender, Verbena, Shea Butter… Abracadabra! The most wonderful gifts are right there in front of you!