A True Story

The story begins in Provence, in 1976, when L’OCCITANE was created by Olivier Baussan...
Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean cultures, he developed skincare products and fragrances that were natural and authentic, effective and deliciously appealing.

L’OCCITANE beauty products are a true art de vivre devoted to your well-being. We bring together nature and research, following the principles of phytotherapy. We create patented natural complexes and test the effectiveness and tolerance of our formulas under medical supervision.
We replace or limit the concentration of parabens, chemical sun filters, phthalates and silicones…
L’OCCITANE is a socially responsible company, committed to limiting the impact of its actions and products on the environment.
From the very beginning, L’OCCITANE has established links beyond the Mediterranean and supported sustainable development programs. Today, the L'OCCITANE Foundationcontinues to support these projects – projects that give the brand its meaning and purpose.